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Mud Motors for Oil and Gas Well Drilling




An important part of the drill string in horizontal and directional wells is the Mud Motor.

Mud motors are used in two main categories: Steerable and Non-Steerable

Mud Motor PDF


Mud Motor - Mean Time Between Failures Chart


Hydraulic Variable Gauge Stabilizer (link)

An innovative tool is for precision directional drilling applications. Unlike most Variable Gauge Stabilizers, the HVGS is short enough to sit directly behind the mud motor, allowing for better steering capabilities.

Hydraulic Variable Gauge Stabilizer


Flow Actuated Circulation Tool  (link)

The development of this type of tool has resulted from the need to be able to divert the flow away from the mud motor & drill bit and into the well bore for clean up operations during tubing work. However, the tool also has a second important use for rotary drilling.

Flow Actuated Circulation Tool

Horizontal oil drilling can be used in many situations where conventional drilling is either impossible or cost prohibitive. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it should get you thinking about the possibilities of horizontal directional drilling.


Engineering Tools:

Horizontal Directional Drilling Operations (PDF)

Kill Sheet (Excel)

Survey Sheet  (Excel)



This site will serve as an international platform of information as this technology emerges.

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